Juicer VS Vitamix

What is the difference between a Juicer and a Vitamix?

A traditional Juicer will seperate the juice and the pulp, therefore wasting the full nutritional value of the fruit or vegetable!  The Vitamix will make your juice smooth or full of pulp which ever way you like it, while giving you all the vitamins and minerals the fruit or vegetable has to offer!

Vitamix also solves the biggest complaint traditional juice machine owners have- clean up!  A traditional juicer has a lot of parts that must be disassembled and cleaned.  This makes clean up a tedious and time consuming thing!  Cleaning the Vitamix is simple- simply fill the container half full of water, add a drop of dishwashing soap, and turn on high for 30 seconds.  Rinse and you are done!   


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